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Current assessment rates are as follows:

Fresh Market Sweet Cherries: $0.0135 cents per packed pound / $27 per ton
Brined Sweet Cherries: $0.0045 cents per pound / $9.00 per ton
Frozen Sweet Cherries: $0.0045 cents per pound / $9.00 per ton
Canned Sweet Cherries: $0.0045 cents per pound / $9.00 per ton

Assessments are collected and paid by first handlers or by the producers if more than one ton (Fresh) cherries are sold directly from their farm, for example through a U-pick operation or through a farm stand or farmer's market dealer.

The majority of the 11 Commission members are producers, but there will be at least one handler.  Normally, there is one fresh handler and one brine handler on the Commission. There is also one Public Member, which is a representative with knowledge of and interest in the cherry industry, but not a grower or handler. Three producers are from the areas west of the Cascade Mountains, five producers are from the Columbia River area and one producer is from Eastern Oregon.  The Director of the Oregon Department of Agriculture appoints all positions after application.  If and an applicant can't be found willing to represent a producer or handler position for one meeting or two months a producer applicant from any area in the state will be accepted for appointment by the Director of Agriculture.




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